Participant fees are $695 including GST

About Auditing 

Auditing is not simply an act of watching performers work with Scott, but rather an active process in which fellow actors thoroughly experience and learn the Meisner approach to working through observation and analysis.

We encourage all auditors to read The Meisner Technique, prior to the Masterclass in order to have a solid understanding of the process and enhance their overall learning experience

Auditing is $75 including GST per day or $270 incl GST

Past Workshops

Larry Moss Masterclass



“Everything I’m teaching you about acting has one aim only: to fire you up emotionally and behaviorally so you can give a vivid, involving, and memorable performance.” – Larry Moss

For 7 years, Larry Moss has inspired and challenged hundreds of Australian actors in his Masterclasses to be courageous in their craft, to fall in love with writers and creatively pursue the “INTENT TO LIVE”.

Larry Moss teaches with generosity, passion and a fierce commitment to actors, inspiring them to rise to the occasion and instilling solid technique that reveals the very truth of the play.

Each day we will explore the finest of a new generation of playwrights as well as the celebrated plays of the past through Larry’s renowned Advanced Scene Study work.

16th Street is thrilled to welcome one of the world’s most acclaimed acting coaches back to Australia in April 2019 with Masterclasses in Brisbane, once again in association with The Factory, as well as in in Sydney and Melbourne.

Larry has been fortunate in his life to work with some of the finest artists in the theatre and film and ‘they have taught me and continue to teach me that art is about choice’ – Larry Moss


The 4-Day Larry Moss Masterclass

In each of the Masterclasses, Larry will work with the actors to break down and explore the relationships to all persons, places, objects and events that the writer gives us; a deep exploration of the world of the text – be that of a play or a musical.

In this process of rehearsal, you will begin to discover choices for your character that ignite the story in the richest possible way.

Larry’s work asks the actor to make the dangerous choice in pursuit of the deepest truth.


Hilary Swank. Leonardo DiCaprio. Juliette Binoche. Tobey Maguire – all acclaimed and celebrated for their powerful work. All coached by Larry Moss.

In this Advanced Scene Study component, Masterclass actors will discover the joy and freedom that is possible when they are in service of something bigger than themselves – the play.

Learning how to interpret and inhabit a scene illuminates the story and is the basis for Larry’s approach to acting. Beginning with an actor’s physical life on stage, Larry helps the actor to reveal the depth of emotional meaning and importance of the character’s need in the text and encourages the actor to commit fully to their choices. This focus on story, personalisation and imagination gives actors a rich resource to access and a focus that allows the performer to reach their potential.

Larry’s breadth of experience as a teacher and director is second to none and actors under his tutelage develop richness in their work, deepening their approach to the craft

I am looking forward to my time in Australia. I am always moved by the immense desire I see in you and the sense of community that is so supportive and inspiring – Larry Moss

About the Masterclasses

32 places will be allocated in the Brisbane Masterclass for actors to work on scenes from acclaimed plays specifically chosen by Larry for the participants. Larry has a passion for great writing and believes it is only with the best material that an actor can reach their artistic potential.

Participants are carefully paired and allocated a scene. As a Participant, you will be provided with a copy of Larry’s book, The Intent to Live, to read before beginning a thorough rehearsal process.

Applications are open for working with Larry Moss on his seventh tour of Australia, challenging and inspiring Queensland’s finest actors over 4 days of an electric, moving and challenging Masterclass.

Exclusive to the Sydney and Melbourne Masterclasses, Larry Moss will also be offering a Best of Broadway component to the 4 Day Masterclass. Some of Australia’s most exciting Musical Theatre storytellers will work, in Larry’s magnificent and renowned way, with Broadway Musical scenes and songs.

About Auditing

Larry’s breadth of experience as a teacher and director is second to none and actors under his tutelage develop richness in their work, deepening their approach to the craft. This Masterclass will ensure a dynamic experience for participants and auditors alike.

Auditing is not simply an act of watching performers work with Larry, but rather an active process in which fellow actors thoroughly experience and learn Larry’s approach to working through observation and analysis.

We encourage all auditors to read Larry’s book, The Intent to Live, prior to the Masterclass in order to have a solid understanding of the process and enhance their overall learning experience.

To book Auditing Tickets in either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane please click on the below links or the links in the Auditing Section of this page.

Single Day Audit Ticket – $130

4-Day Discount Audit Ticket – $470

BRISBANE: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=468479&

” Working with Larry is thrilling, challenging, inspiring, occasionally frustrating, endlessly interesting, and always exhilarating.”
– Tobey Maguire, Actor

About Larry

Larry Moss taught at The Juilliard School and Circle in the Square in New York City before moving to Los Angeles and opening The Larry Moss Studio. Larry has directed numerous plays and coached many award-winning actors including Helen Hunt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Swank, Tobey Maguire and Jim Carrey.

Larry’s training with legendary teachers Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner informs his ability to unleash the actor’s imagination. His time with actors yields powerful, authentic work and has resulted in many career-changing performances. Larry has the ability to connect actors to themselves and the characters they play by taking them into the world of the writer, with a passionate commitment to telling the story.

Larry’s incredible ability to identify the given circumstances of the play and the world a character inhabits allows him to guide actors in revealing the meaning of a play or lyric. Through this, he illuminates the structure, language and technical craft required to meet these demands with a focus on power. Larry places great importance on the actors vocal, physical, psychological and emotional expression.

Larry is currently in development to direct a film about the life of multi-Academy Award nominee Montgomery Clift, one of the founding members of The Actors Studio and key proponent of the Method.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE – March 25th 2019 – 12pm

DATES – Brisbane: April 15th – 18th, 2019

DAY / TIME – Brisbane: Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm

FEE – $1,650 GST INC

The Moving Frame: 5 Day Brisbane Workshop with Welker White & Damian Young

Explore the world of shooting – and what it means for the actor – with Welker White and Damian Young.
Armed with a unique, process-oriented approach to working on-camera, STELLAR teachers and actors Welker White and Damian Young guide participants through specific steps to building a personal framework for acting on screen. This intensive will reframe your understanding of the medium as well as bring you to a more authentic and responsive place in your work on-camera.  A Brisbane first, this
5-day workshop is a deep immersion into the world of visual storytelling on screen. Actors begin with an exploration of the work through the use of short-form filmed exercises, building to fully-shot film scenes.  Actors will come away with a comprehensive experience of the from, and greater access to their own truth. Participants fee is $1500 icily GST and auditing is $85 prepay or $350 for 5 days.  Workshop is held in Brisbane: March 2nd – 6th  Sat – Wed: 10am – 5pm 

APPLICATIONS CLOSE February 15, 2019

The Workshop

– An understanding of how the medium functions, how it touches & moves us, and how an audience assigns meaning in visual storytelling
– How the specifics of the shooting process inform acting choices and preparation
– How to analyze any screen performance, including your own, in order to identify universal truths


– Peeling away to reveal where the character lives in you
– Building truth and specificity in your work while eliminating amplification and embellishment
– Connecting to the deeper meaning beneath the dialogue
– The faith to bring all you have, the courage to let it go

WELKER WHITE is on the acting faculty at Brooklyn College, where she teaches a range of classes, including The Art and Craft of Acting in Film and Television for MFA acting candidates. Welker has brought screen acting workshops to numerous training programs and artistic communities, including:

– NYU Grad Acting
– Columbia
– Brown/Trinity
– Montclair State University
– Drew University, and;
– The Actors Center, among many others.

On stage Welker has originated roles by playwrights Lisa Kron, John Patrick Shanley, Craig Lucas, Mac Wellman, Howard Korder, David Ives, Amy Freed, and many others. Her film work includes roles in GoodFellas, Dead Poet’s Society, This Is My Life, Eat Pray Love, Morning Glory, I Think I Love My Wife, as well as numerous television guest appearances on TV. Most recently, Welker completed shooting Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, opposite Al Pacino.

DAMIAN YOUNG is a sought-after character actor, with nearly 100 credited film and television appearances.

Damian is known for his early work in the films of Hal Hartley (Amateur, Simple Men), and has gone on to work as a regular or recurring character on numerous television shows:

– Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete
– Damages on Amazon
– USA’s The War Next Door
– Showtime’s Californication
– HBO’s The Comeback
– Netflix’s House of Cards

His many film appearances include Birdman, Edge of Darkness, Everybody’s Fine, Unbreakable, Catfight, We Only Know So Much, Ocean’s 8, Wonderstruck. Damian has appeared on and off-Broadway, and is currently shooting recurring roles on Ozark and Homeland.

“I have just finished working with Welker White on the film Bad Education. We had several scenes together and I was always incredibly impressed and inspired by her work ethic, and how easy she made it all look. She is one of the great actors, living in a city filled with great actors. I know her and her husband Damian have a workshop that they do, and two of the other actors in the film had been involved in that workshop. And it’s precisely built for people trying to feel comfortable and relaxed and getting the best out themselves in front of the camera. I highly recommend this workshop. I kind of wish I had gone to something like this early on in my career. As someone who had been mainly in the theatre when I began, it took me a while to really feel that I was reaching a level of relaxation to allow my potential to come through on film so I think this is a really valuable thing to do for anyone who’s learning how to act.” – Hugh Jackman

“I’ve known Welker and Damian for 30 years. They bring rare extensive experience across the spectrum of film and television to bear on a unique approach that inspires actors to develop and own their artistic process onscreen. Find a way to work with them!” – Allison Janney – Academy Award Winner