Full Time Program

Our full-time program addresses Acting for Screen as an artistic craft. You will learn to integrate your voice, body, mind, and emotions together to: represent truthful characters, explore diverse material in a range of genres, understand story structure and character for episodic television and feature films ranging from classical to contemporary. You will gain a diversity of experience, exploring the works of the worlds best writers and being educated in cutting edge practical actor training techniques.  And in addition, in the final weeks of this program you will shoot two contrasting showreel scenes and a professional photoshoot for Industry headshots. The Factory Acting Studio offers our students access to some of the worlds greatest Master teachers and Coaches in QLD due to our exclusive relationship with 16th Street Actors Studio.

The Factory Acting Studio believes that practical wisdom along with a strong foundation of knowledge is integral to working within our entertainment industry. Our teachers are professional working actors and award-winning actors. They have been taught by, studied with or worked with some of the best acting practitioners in the world. All teachers are currently employed and up-to-date with Australian and International film and television industry. It is due to their industry expertise and incredible insight that students are exposed to current and relevant industry knowledge. All our actors showreels and headshots and packages will be sent to top local and national acting agents.

Our Full time program is by audition only which means that positions in this course are limited. Auditions will be held on the 4th – 6th December 2019 and 15th – 17th Jan 2020.  Students will need to prepare a monologue of their choosing and all call backs will be asked to shoot a self test.  Once accepted into the program a course deposit will be required.

Course fees: $12,500 incl GST – Weekly deferred payment plan options over 60 weeks available along with an initial deposit and term payments plans available as well. Course commences 29th January 2020.


This program is a 30 week program and runs three full days each week.  Wednesday – Friday 9am – 5pm


Applications to audition are now open.  Please fill in the registration form below and you will be asked to pay $50 for the audition.

The Meisner Technique

“Living truthfully under given circumstances”

We will focus on the foundational repetition exercise, getting your observing and responding muscles sharpened and back into action, then delve deeper into the work as we explore the what and how behind Meisner’s concept of “living truthfully under given circumstances.”

This series of exercises takes the work into the givens of performance and include ‘investing in the realities of doing’ – the heart of any actor’s work. We will cover the ‘independent activity’ and ‘preparation’ aspects of the technique.

Eric Morris Technique

Freeing the Actor

The system helps create depth in an actor byassisting the actor to remove the artifice of socialobligation and to confront themselves from a truthful place rather than presenting a face that the actor would like to have seen as who they are.

The process requires the actor to confront and accept their truth and know that that truth (no matter how messy one may think it is) is okay. Through this process, the actor learns that what they once may have considered a liability is actually a potential asset when creating a character.

Chubbuck Technique

“The Power of The Actor”

The Chubbuck Technique teaches actors how to use their emotions not as an end result, but as a way to empower a goal. The obstacles in the character’s life life are not meant to be accepted but overcome, in heroic proportions. In other words, it teaches actors how to win. According to Chubbuck, an actor must identify their character’s primal need, goal or OBJECTIVE. With this objective in mind, the actor must then find the appropriate personal pain that can effectively drive this objective. When the appropriate personal pain (which is to say, a pain that is powerful enough to inspire an actor to fearlessly commit to doing whatever it takes to win their objective) is paired with an objective, it connects the actor to their character’s predicament, making winning the objective real and necessary for them as a person, not just as an actor playing a part. We explore this technique through scene study and we are not accredited Chubbuck teachers but we have trained at her studios in LA.

From The Power of the Actor: The Chubbuck Technique

  Larry Moss

“The Intent to Live”

Larry’s breadth of experience as a teacher and director is second to none and actors who train under him develop richness in their work, deepening their approach to the craft.

Learning how to interpret and inhabit a scene illuminates the story and is the basis for Larry’s approach to acting. Beginning with an actor’s physical life on stage, Larry helps the actor to reveal the depth of emotional meaning and importance of the character’s need in the text and encourages the actor to commit fully to their choices. This focus on story, personalisation and imagination gives actors a rich resource to access and a focus that allows the performer to reach their potential.  Larry Moss’ wholehearted and fierce commitment for actors to rise to the occasion with solid technique, to reveal the play and meet the demands of working in the theatre is unwavering.


Screen Acting Techniques

“Creating relationship is the heart of acting. It is basic. It is essential”

Our focus areas will be making dynamic choices that sit well outside of the generic choices most actors make in regards to the thematic obligation of the piece. Will also look at simple camera techniques that assist in arming the student withconfidence and range in the audition room andthen translating that onto set.

Audition technique will be examined with a focus on presenting the CD with a revelation in the room….Increasing the possibility of callback or booking the role. Scenes to be explored will covergenres…Sci Fi, Drama and Comedy from both filmsand television. The sessions will always be geared toward industry relevant material. Cold reading last minute rewrites and meeting directors visions/ expectations will also be closely examined.


“Creates self confidence and develops listening”

The ability to improvise is a must for any actor. It opens up your thinking to allow you to explore all of the possibilities in bringing a character to life and looking at ways of playing a scene. It helps you to think quickly, make bold choices in your work, strengthens your instinct and develops your impulses.

It helps your imagination to thrive and gives you thetools to be able to deal confidently with changeson set, in an audition, in rehearsal or onstage. Improvisation is an essential skill for actors in the US, however is often overlooked in Australia.

Movement Class

“The language of the body is the key that can unlock the soul”

As much a language for observing movementas a dedicated acting technique, this scientificapproach divides movement into four categories:body, effort, shape, and space. When applied toperformance training, it uncovers small nuances behind behavior, examining everything from dramatic movements (throwing oneself across aroom) to everyday gestures (flicking a piece of lint off of one’s shoulder), and maximizing specificity with every action. This practice applies specialised body – awareness strategies to correct unnecessary.  As an actor, awareness of your movement is the key to transformation. By making deliberate physical choices, you can fully and articulately embody different ways of being: you can come someone or something else.

Labans Effort

“Laban’s Efforts and the Actor”

For a long time Laban movement was primarily used for dancers and dance choreography to discover new ways to move. In the 80s and 90s, it began being used to help actors and improve performances. While Laban’s work comes out of modern dance exploration,  we use it as a way to extend an actor’s movement vocabulary and ability to play characters physically. The Eight Efforts becomes cornerstone of  an actor’s work. They help an actor both physically and emotionally identify and play characters who are different from themselves. This embodied work helps the actor in understanding internal impulse and in developing an expressive body that can make clean, precise choices. It also helps the actor create and maintain a strong physical instrument that will serve them throughout their training and future professional work.

American Accent and English Accent

“The American Accent is a skill to have”

Peter Kent has worked with some of the industries greatest actors and comes highly reccomended as an American Accent coach. Near the end of the 90’s, MGM hired him to coach the accents on the Australian/American co-production of ‘Flipper’, In2006 he was cast in the children’s show ‘Mortified’,the Japanese feature ‘A Very Good Company’ and the American action feature, ‘The Condemned’. Through 2007/’08, he coached Rachel Ward in ‘Monarch Cove’, Nicholas Cage in ‘Ghost Rider’, Gerard Butler in ‘Nim’s Island’, Rose Byrne and Ben Mendelsohn in the Nicholas Cage feature ‘ Knowing’, along with Megan Gale and Theresa Palmer for George Miller’s ‘Justice League’.

Celebrating the Voice

“The actor needs to work on his/her voice”


The voice is one of the most important tools for actors, adding nuance and quite literally breathing new life into texts. But taking the time and makingthe effort to train the voice isn’t just the differencebetween a good performance and a goosebump-inducing showstopper, it’s crucial forthe vocal health of actors – not just when theydeliver lines, but in their everyday lives.

Acting Savvy

“The Business of being an Actor”

As actors we have to have a vigorous sense of discipline and passion, a real thirst for our craft. We have to be open and willing to grow and continue to learn so that we enable ourselves to delve deeper into this artistry. In doing so we must also find the same discipline in understanding and managing our careers. 

Driving your own career will help in gaining more experience through your own accord, and by making yourself known and available through connections and networking. Understanding the Entertainment Business from a business prospective will arm you with confidence and knowledge. 

Showreels and Headshots

“Putting the best foot forward into the industry” 

The scenes are shot with a professional crew DOP, Camera Assistant and Sound Engineer to create a cinematic look and feel along with a great performance for a dynamic showreel. This collaboration creates a safe and rewarding enviroment that is all about the actor and performance. You will get professional headshots to accompany your showreel so that you have all the tools you need to be a professional actor 

The Factory Acting Studio Showreel